One Day Workshop

1 Day Workshop – Introduction for Business Owners, Middle Management on How to start to Implement changes within your business that create improved processes, quality of products and services whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

Business Consultation

One to one consultation concentrating on a particular area that you would like to improve within your business, problem areas are highlighted and improvements are suggested.

Carbon Offsetting

One to One consultation to review your current Business carbon footprint, introducing you to practices that will reduce your Carbon Foot print now and in the future. Allowing you to implement the Green Business Charter Credentials that provides proof of your Environmental Awareness.

Walker Business Optimisation

Developing your Business without Limits

Are you looking to improve certain aspects of your business?
Or are you simply wondering if there is anything you could be doing better?
Are you looking for ways to reduce your Carbon footprint?
Start growing and improving your business today without limits!

What We Do

We work with you and your team to identify areas within your business that would benefit from optimisation. Improvements are suggested through open dialogue with you and your team, that will lead to improved Quality of your products and services and introduce tools that will allow you to implement improvements at minimal cost.

We offer a Carbon Offsetting review to highlight your current Carbon Footprint and introduce practices that will support your business in reducing your Carbon Footprint now and in the future.

Why work with us!

What a fantastic day working with Donna on optimising our business processes. it was a very insightful day and Donna really got us thinking about how we do things moving forward. Importantly, Donna created some really tangible results and things I can now take forward in the business. Thank you Donna!
Michael Weeks

Donna is an expert in helping businesses get systems in place. I am already starting to see the benefits of the work Donna has done for Speedkix and Sivik Active. It is great to be working with a company that pays such attention to detail. Donna has diligently put together packages that would have taken me away from working on my business and this has allowed my business to grow. I would highly recommend talking to Donna if you are a business that needs procedures putting in place.
Andy Phillips